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Contour ShuttleXpress helps improve productivity in the office, studio, home and more. A note for Shuttle users Shuttle devices require the use of the product drivers. Why navigate on screen menus, or take time looking for keyboard options when you are already have control of your editing in your hand? It has five button functions and options for cursor speed, ranging from to dpi. Shuttle What computer systems does Shuttle work with? If you had any other devices that you were using, make sure that the software has been fully uninstalled.

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You can download the file by clicking this link: Release the rollerbar when the cursor is where you want it. Can I order new ones? Please note that the click force and click volume customisations are only available with the RollerMouse Red contour shuttlepro v2 RollerMouse Red conour. In the Shuttle Device Configuration — Highlight the settings to be copied in contour shuttlepro v2 application setting field. If you have questions about the Shuttle driver for Windows Installs, click here.

Please plug it contour shuttlepro v2 into the back of the computer for the most effective connection. That will deactivate the software and you can then make changes on the mouse. If contour shuttlepro v2 is only a problem when RollerMouse is connected to your computer, then the problem is most likely with your computer. Yes, all wireless products from Contour are secured by encryption. Directions for other customisations, such as click force and volume only available in RollerMouse Red and Red plus can be found in your user manual.

You can create new settings from ccontour. Open up the system preferences and then open the Contour Mouse interface.

See the driver download section. A note contour shuttlepro v2 Shuttle users Shuttle devices require the use of the shuttlepor drivers. Apply the rubbing alcohol on the Q-tip, and clean the bar by swabbing it. Postal code and city.

Extra-Large Available in right only: The Shuttle forum can be found here. Drivers are not required for standard usage of Unimouse. Congratulations on your new Shuttle.

For general questions, please refer to our general FAQ page here. Why adjust white shuttkepro, colour correction and sharpness manually, when the Shuttle can apply all of these contour shuttlepro v2 a single click of a button?

With these few steps you are ready to go. Product and model Model No. Make sure to remove any sticky residue with the Q-tip. Lastly, other software drivers can sometimes cause contour shuttlepro v2 specifically, drivers for other pointing devices. If the ribbon is not connected to the circuit board within the tube it needs to be reconnected. Click the Open button on the screen. In the user manuals you can find tips on how to get started and how to adjust the keyboard to your RollerMouse.

Is there a software development kit for the Contout How contour shuttlepro v2 do this depends on which RollerMouse you have. Below is a list of common troubleshooting solutions.

Support – Contour Design

Keep in mind that these drivers are still in Beta testing phase. If you had any other devices that you were using, make sure that the software has been fully uninstalled.

Choose the settings file 7. To use the short keyboard risers, you will contour shuttlepro v2 to separate them from the long risers.

ShuttlePRO v2â„¢

The position of the sensor is shown here: Then shutt,epro the contour shuttlepro v2 and see what settings file has a check mark. You can then go about changing the click force or volume settings and they will stay in effect contour shuttlepro v2 closing that window. Change the cursor speed with the touch of a button. You can also click with it. Users have reported issues when using the thumb drive version of Flip-Q Pro teleprompting shugtlepro.

Choose Import Settings Attachment:. If your serial number starts with or please follow these steps: How can I adjust the speed?

Read more about the Ergo Contour shuttlepro v2 Mat. Can you lock the Shuttle to one program? If you want to contour shuttlepro v2 the wrist rests, please contact us here.

You can download from our Contour Support page under the User Manuals tab. Contour ShuttlePRO v2 for photographers. How can I create custom settings? Unzip the file and take note of the location 3.

Multimedia Controllers

Dust and contour shuttlepro v2 can collect over time on the optical sensor that reads the movements of the rollerbar. Please use our online contact form to inquire. Restart the driver by going into your Control Panel, finding the Contour Pointing Devices icon and double clicking.

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