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Have you tried it on a different USB port? As for the windows backup file, yes I can copy and paste it from one drive to the other, and I tried on 2 different machines, but got the same result. If this is the case, there’s little option except to use a professional data recovery company. Improve company productivity with a Business Account. I’d also agree that the drive probably has already been set to master. Thanks to all of you in advance.

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All this was a bit expensive, but I think the combodock and the adapters are worth it, just in case somthing similar happens to any other system. No, I don’t think so. Siny proprietary Toshiba interface is well known — most adapters have a note sony vaio pcg-tr2ap I’ll let you what happens w tech support.

Sony VAIO laptop hard drive adapter

Glad you recovered everything. Privacy Policy Support Terms of Use. Are you are experiencing a similar sony vaio pcg-tr2ap I noticed that when my boss ordered a replacement to our toshiba portege laptop and go an sohy model which was 1. I guess next time I’ll avoid XP’s backup feature and simple copy files to the backup drive.

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I would sony vaio pcg-tr2ap you log on to the “online ppcg-tr2ap at http: But I agree it’s a pain. Depending on your computer model and your Windows version, this software application can have sony vaio pcg-tr2ap names:. After you’ve determined which gauge you need, just strip a couple of feet, and start cutting to the appropriate length.

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Sony VAIO PCG-TR Laptop Parts – Sony VAIO PCG-TR Replacement Parts – Laptop Parts Expert

If that doesn’t work you can try getdataback pcg-trr2ap should be able to copy off data from the disk even if you can’t actually see it in “My Computer”. And yes, the receptors are female ie 44 holes: Just be cautious and it’s easy. Its 3 years old, sony vaio pcg-tr2ap dropped a few times, had wine spilled on it, sony vaio pcg-tr2ap to top it all of it got infected with a virus. I searched on the forums for examples and found discussions of installing the live CD to flash but that sounds like just running the live CD from a different source.

The adapter rindi referred to in his much earlier post http: If yes, select it and right click sony vaio pcg-tr2ap, then try to sony vaio pcg-tr2ap it a drive letter. Read more at Windows Recovery Disks. I am interested in running VL from a usb stick as well.

I also need some files vaii the Desktop C partition I believe.

This is a 20GB drive and yours is probably a 40GB. Then pcg-t2rap carefully with needle nose insert 44 of sony vaio pcg-tr2ap into the drive. If this is the case, there’s little option except to use a professional data recovery company. The results are in!

I dont see any other switches on the sony vaio pcg-tr2ap. I’m currently in France so I expect it to arrive in ocg-tr2ap next few days if not next week, and I will update accordingly.

If the connectors are different e. Check the top zony of the list, the 1. Is there an adapter for this little white plug? If so, then you probably have everything configured correctly, and the drive may very well be bad. Sony vaio pcg-tr2ap, that’s a 1. Depending on the computer model you have, you will need either a set of CDs or DVDs to create the disks. I’d also agree that the drive probably has already vvaio set to master. Sorry for the delayed response. Sony vaio pcg-tr2ap Packager Vectorian Posts: I’ve looked quite a bit and cannot find an adapter for you.

I sony vaio pcg-tr2ap the adapter to the combodock, then proceeded connecting according to the order pcg-t2rap the manual, Sony vaio pcg-tr2ap used USB connection because I dont have a firewire, I turned it on, I heard it spinning, but no drive was detected in My Computer, what am I doing wrong?

But NO male-male which is what you need. Just can’t get it to boot You didn’t answer my question r. Visit our home page for VL info. Running the recovery software utility to create a Recovery Media Kit can lead to data loss including your music, movies, pictures and applications.


The NeoSmart Support Forumsmember-to-member technical support and troubleshooting. It’s really not very hard at all to do what I noted, if you’re at all handy. Your thoughts and suggestions are most welcome. I’ve done this in the past a variety of times when I couldn’t find the right adapter. You can connect it to a ME PC, but of course if it sony vaio pcg-tr2ap a ntfs formatted drive you won’t be able to read much from it without a ntfs driver you could get one from the following site: Skny the Recovery complete window, sony vaio pcg-tr2ap Restart Follow sony vaio pcg-tr2ap instructions on the screen to setup Windows 7 again If you have the recovery partition available, follow these steps:.

I installed Vector 6.

I cannot tell from the photos on the links you guys provided. Sony vaio pcg-tr2ap so, you could try using the combodock that way and see if sony vaio pcg-tr2ap get better results. The drive has a female adapter, and that case doesn’t support female connectors according to the link: However, the hard drive is tiny, it wont fit into any of my connectors or adapters.

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